About PureFunds


As an innovator of ETF concepts, PureFunds® strives to provide the market with easy access to in-demand industries through Pure-Play ETFs. We are a New York City based research and business management firm, serving as the Manager and/or Sponsor to the suite of PureFunds ETFs. We aim to provide investors with tactical ETFs that may offer attractive investment opportunities in sectors that traditionally have been difficult to invest in.

Founded in 2010, we recognized a void in the Exchange Traded Product universe. Although there were many ETF issuers and products in the marketplace, specific thematic investments that the market desired were simply overlooked. With this realization in mind, we partnered with world-class industry leaders to develop these concepts into tradable products.

With vast experience in global equity investing and ETF trading, we have a refreshing and alternative insight into the growing world of ETFs. We have constructed our distinct suite of products in an attempt to meet the needs of investors and traders alike.

We endeavor to increase our presence in the ETF marketplace by expanding our suite of innovative, first-to-market ETFs. Features of the PureFunds suite of products include:

  • First ETFs to Exclusively Invest in Their Respective Industries
  • Small Creation Unit Sizes (1 Unit equals 50,000 shares)
  • Low Creation/Redemption Fees
  • Minimal Cash-in-Lieu Pieces
  • Inexpensive Trading of Underlying Baskets
  • All Baskets < 50 Symbols
  • Industry Competitive Expense Ratios
  • Industry Leading Partners and Service Providers


About Our Partners


Index Provider to the Funds. The International Securities Exchange (ISE) operates a leading U.S. options exchange and offers options trading on over 2,000 underlying equity, ETF, index, and FX products. ISE has a portfolio of over 25 proprietary indexes, based on a diverse range of asset classes, fast growing industries and emerging technologies. ISE’s team of indexing experts is dedicated to creating these innovative indexes and partnering with issuers to launch unique investment vehicles, including exchange traded funds (ETFs), exchange traded notes (ETNs) and structured products.


Listing Venue for the Funds. NYSE Arca is NYSE Euronext's premier listing venue for Exchange Traded Products. Its unique market structure, state of the art electronic trading platform and innovative solutions, drives its business around the world. As a result, sponsors have chosen to list over 1,300 of their Exchange Traded Products on NYSE Arca. NYSE Arca is also the first electronic market to offer issuers a Lead Market Maker program, which is designed to encourage provision of liquidity that contributes to some of the best prices and depth in the Exchange Traded Product marketplace.


The ISE ETF Ventures team is dedicated to creating and supporting innovative indexes that track growing industries, emerging technologies and markets, and packaged trading strategies. Their index design expertise includes a diverse range of asset classes and instrument types including global equities, fixed income, currencies, futures and options. ISE ETF Ventures partners with issuers to launch unique exchange traded products (ETPs) such as exchange traded funds (ETFs), exchange traded notes (ETNs) and other similar product types. They also provide capital for the start-up and ongoing backstopping of new ETPs. Partners are able to leverage ISE ETF Ventures' global experience and broad network of industry participants in order to grow their ETP presence as well as reduce risk and increase product issuance. Total assets under management for ETPs tied to ISE ETF Ventures indexes exceeds $1.5 billion.


Sub Advisor for the Funds (with the exception of SILJ). Penserra Capital Management LLC (Penserra) provides portfolio management and trading services for the funds. As sub advisor, Penserra manages the on-going and regularly scheduled daily operation of the funds including making sure the fund is fully invested and in compliance with relevant guidelines and restrictions, providing checks and sign off on the basket files created by the fund administrator, tracks trade settlements, monitors and responds to corporate actions and supports APs and market makers as needed.


Advisor for the Funds. Factor Advisors LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Exchange Traded Managers Group LLC (ETF Managers Group), a leading Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) private label services company. ETF Managers Group offers a full range of ETF product services to the asset management community including commodity pool ETPs as well as both active and passive ETF funds. The services provided include product operations, regulatory, financial and compliance management. ETF Managers Group offers active marketing and dedicated wholesale services for all ETF product types.